4 Unrevealed Gamers’ Destinations in Kyoto

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  • I am a big gamer. I love playing as many different games as possible, and coming to Japan meant that I got super excited about new gaming possibilities that would hopefully appear. The most famous area to go to for this kind of Japanese culture would probably be around Akihabara in Tokyo.
    But, that’s not where I moved to. I moved to Kyoto, and it took me some time to find the best places here to indulge in my gaming addictions. So, here I will share with you, where you can go to do the same!

    1. Yellow Submarine


    Yellow Submarine is a “hobby shop” that sells everything for the avid table top gamer. If you’re into Magic: The Gathering you can find card packs, playmats, deck holders, and limited edition cards. They are also one of many worldwide locations to hold Friday Night Magic competitions, so you can come along and play with others. These games will 90% of the time be using Japanese cards, with Japanese players though. So, if you’re not fluent in Japanese, this may be a little difficult for you! They also have a wide selection of table top games, in both Japanese and English. I’ve bought most of my games from here, including The Resistance, Dixit, and Tanto Curoe. Yellow Submarine have stores all over Japan, so you should be able to find one wherever you are!
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    2. Cafe Meeple


    So, you’ve bought your tabletop games, but you’ve no-one to play them with! Well, never fear, Kyoto has that covered! Located just off one of the main shopping streets in Kyoto, is Cafe Meeple. This cafe serves snacks, food, drinks and alcohol, and is well-stocked with their own collection of tabletop games as well (again, both in English and Japanese). So take a trip here, and meet some like minded people that enjoy gaming as much as you do!
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    3. Cafe la Siesta

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    If you’re more a fan of video games over table top games, the you should definitely make a visit to Cafe La Siesta. They have a great collection of retro video games that you can play through the night! They also have a load of handheld games consoles (Gameboys etc.) that you can pick up and play while enjoying a refreshing drink. They even have video game themed cocktails you can enjoy!
    Cafe la Siesta Website*Automatic translation

    4. Kyoto Yodobashi Camera


    The last place on my list is Yodobashi Camera, again you can find branches of these all over Japan. They sell the newest video games, and consoles here, and you can ever get some good bargains if you sign up for their members card. The Yodobashi Camera in Kyoto can be found right outside Kyoto JR Station. Just take the central exit and you’ll see it right in front of you!
    Kyoto Yodobashi Camera Website*Automatic translation
    Whatever your gaming style, there’s a place for you to go in Kyoto!

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