Weird Japanese Gaming Series: Long Live the Queen!

  • A lot of people talk about Japan being a weird and wonderful country, and while this isn’t always true, their video games can often feel a little strange to the Western gamer. In this series, I will be exploring some of the interesting games available that come from Japan. In this article, we’re looking at the text-based, deadly adventure: Long Live the Queen!


    In Long Live the Queen, you play as a young princess trying to survive long enough to reach her coronation. As we begin the story, the princess’ mother, the Queen, has just passed away, and the princess has returned home from school to begin her royal training. She is depressed, and her father, who is the King dowager, is pressuring her to become the queen he envisions.



    The aim of this game is to survive long enough to reach your 15th birthday, and your coronation. To do this, you must improve your skills in a variety of areas. Throughout the game, there will be incidents that will require you to have a high enough skill level in certain tasks, and if you fail these, you may end up meeting an untimely death! The skills are in four different categories; Social, Physical, Intellectual, and Mystical. Every week you chose two classes to attend, and your skill level will go up in your chosen two. But, as a teenager, your mood varies greatly. And, with changes in moods comes changes in your ability to study certain subjects. For example, in the image above, the princess’ mood is ‘Yielding’. This gives her a (yellow) bonus to learning Royal Demeanor skills, but a (orange) penalty to Weapons skills.


    There are 8 different possible moods; Angry, Afraid, Cheerful. Depressed, Wilful, Yielding, Pressured, and Lonely. Your dominant mood is the one with the highest score each turn. In the image above, that would be Pressured. You can influence your mood by choosing to do different activities during your free time each week. Visiting the graveyard will give you +1 to Afraid, while Sneaking out of your room will give you +1 to Willful. Learning how your moods affect your skills is key to completing this game.

    The End Game


    Your goal is to reach your coronation – but this is a very difficult task. If you have luck on your side, you may get to see the above screen, and witness your own coronation – against all the odds. But, one of the most charming, yet frustrating parts of this game, is the number of ways in which you can perish before then! If you fail a Poison skill test, you might die from eating poisoned chocolates; if you fail an Archery skill test, you may die from attacking hordes; if you fail a magic skill test, you might even blow yourself up! One of the main draws of this game, is actually trying to die in as many different ways as possible!

    This game has so many story possibilities that it has great replay value. You can change your strategy every time, and still not survive! The game is available to download on Steam.

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