Kairosoft: Japanese Gaming Apps to get addicted to!

  • In Japan, you will often see lots of Japanese people playing games on their phones. On the train, waiting for a friend, or even while walking down the street! Of course, there are hundreds of games to buy, but one company, based in Japan, has released 24 games for both the iOS and Android platforms: Kairosoft.


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    The Games

    The games released by Kairosoft cover a wide variety of genres. Although, all the games do have a similar gameplay interface, the themes are very different. Some of my favourites are:

    Pocket Academy: Build and control your own academy. Hold special events, help your students make career choices, and become the best school in the country!

    Mega Mall: Build up your own mega mall. You choose the stores to include, and where to put them. Hold sales, and increase your sales to win the game!

    Pocket League Story: Train up your own football team. Recruit new players, train them up, and attract sponsors to move through the league and become world cup champions!



    All of Kairosoft’s games follow quite a similar gameplay interface, so once you’ve played one, it’s easy to pick up the others! The game design fits really well on a phone screen, and the graphics are cute, and pixelated which means it will use less battery power than some of the fancier games. With each game, you earn money and research points to spend on new facilities, trainings, or characters, depending on the game. Each game has a set time frame in which you should try and score the highest possible score, and at this point, your score will be calculated and saved. The game doesn’t stop there though, if you want, you can continue playing as long as you like – but, your points won’t be added to your high scores. Each game has special characters you can encounter, and it can be fun to keep playing and try to find them all!

    Where to buy


    Both the Apple App store, and the Google Play store have a long list of games available to download from Kairosoft. Most are available on both platforms, but there may be a few that are only available on one platform or the other. Each game also has a ‘Lite’ version that you can download for free to try the game out! So whip out your phone, and get playing!

    Kairosoft iTunes
    Kairosoft Google Play

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