The Perks of Studying in Japan

  • Many people nowadays consider the option of studying outside the country. Some believe they can acquire a top quality education that is multicultural in nature once they graduate abroad.

    Others believe it makes them more competitive. If you’re interested in studying in Japan, for whatever reason, you might as well consider these advantages.

    Cheaper Tuition Fees

    Compared to studying in America or European countries, for Asians, studying in Japan is relatively cheaper. Other than this, you can do part-time work while studying. This is a very common trend for students who’d like to fund their own education as well as pay for living expenses. However, there’s an official permit you need to acquire first before working as a foreign student in the country. This is known as shikakugai katsudo kyoka (Permit to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted by the status of Residence previously Granted). This will make sure that your work doesn’t interfere with your education.

    World-Class Education

    There are several universities offering world-class education in Japan. Some are even taught in English, depending on the school. As a country internationally known for leading research-intensive universities, Japan offers courses such as Law, Education, Economics and many more. It is even part of the World’s Top 10 Education Systems in the World!

    Cheap but Healthy Meals at School Cafeteria

    Most Japanese cafeterias operate on a non-profit basis. This means they are able to charge only for the raw ingredients. Most prices start at 450 yen but you can also find some offering food for as low as 200 yen. Meals are healthy! They have a dedicated nutritionist who looks over everyone’s health in school. They carefully plan out the meal for each day and each meal is carefully calculated to ensure maximum nutritional balance.

    Some cafeterias are even visually attractive, such as Tokyo University which has a French ambiance in it.

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