ATTACK ON TITAN live-action film: a Box Office Hit in Japan

  • As reported by a Japanese news website, Mantan Web, the popular manga turned live action that was directed by Higuchi Shinji became a box office hit in its first two days in Japan. The Part 1 of the two-part live action film garnered 600 million yen in just two days. The movie is currently being screened in 427 theaters in Japan with 467,000 spectators and fans who watched the film on August 1 and 2 particularly. Aside from the local screening, the said film is slated to show in several countries overseas.

    Schedule of international release:
    August 12 – Philippines
    August 13 – Hong Kong and Macao
    August 14 – Taiwan
    August 19 – Indonesia
    August 27 – Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand
    September 30 – Canada, USA

    The manga of Attack on Titan is written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It’s a dark fantasy series that depicts three best friends: Eren, Mikasa and Armin trying to find out the truth behind the mystery of titans and of course, battling with the titans with their 3D maneuver gear. The manga became a commercial success garnering 50 million sold prints in Japan alone.

    Attack on Titan live action cast

    The live action film stars Japanese actors:
    Miura Haruma as Eren
    Mizuha Kiko as Mikasa
    Kanata Hongo as Armin
    Takahiro Miura as Jean
    Sakura Nanami as Sasha
    Ishihara Satomi as Hans

    And we have original movie characters:
    Hasegawa Hiroki as Shikishima
    Matsuo Satoru as Sannagi
    Pierre Taki as Souda
    Kunimura Jun as Kubal
    Takeda Rina as Lil
    Watanabe Shu as Fukushi
    Misaki Ayame as Hiana

    European to Japanese setting

    Most international and Japanese fans of the original work are dissatisfied with the live action news since the makers opted to make the movie set to a Japanese setting with Japanese actors in contrast to the originally European setting in the manga and anime. They also omitted the most popular and loved manga and anime character, Levi, whose name is not visible in a Japanese setting since Japanese names don’t have the letter “v”.

    In spite of the dissatisfaction of fans, the first part of the movie gained 600 million yen in just two days, which is great! The sequel will be shown on September 19 in Japanese theaters.

    International release of Attack on Titan: End of the World:
    September 19 – Hong Kong
    September 23 – Philippines
    September 24 – Singapore
    October 20 – Canada / USA

    Review on Attack on Titan Movie

    The live-action film of Attack on Titan started showing in Philippine cinemas last August 12. I took the opportunity to watch it in local theaters. Some fans of the anime and manga who have seen the film were disappointed. However, if you’re a Japanese film enthusiast, then you could appreciate the film. It is still good even though the production made some changes rather than doing a cover to cover from the manga. With that method, we were able to see a different angle of the story through the live-action movie.

    However, one element is visibly lacking since we don’t see a titan attacking Eren’s mother. If we have that factor, maybe we could see a vengeful Eren in the movie.

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