May the Force be with you (even midair) : Ride a Star Wars Plane!

  • From a galaxy far, far away comes the newest fleet of air carriers from Air Nippon Airlines. This endeavor done in conjunction with Walt Disney, Inc., for a 5 year “Star Wars Project” that allows ANA to use the classic star wars figures on their airplanes.


    The newest Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner will be outfitted with paintings of logos and favorite characters starting with R2-D2!

    When will I be able to ride the planes?


    The models were recently released on August 18, 2015 during a press conference to critical acclaim with C-3PO and R2D2 on hand for the press release. ANA itself currently has 34 Dreamliners and an additional 49 – 787 planes are on back order to gear up for future demand. There is even a contest to be held on October 17th at Haneda Airport to be the first passenger to fly on R2-D2 for a few hours within Japan, but must be dressed in Star Wars costume during the flight! Also, the first international flight on this plane goes from Haneda to Vancouver, Canada. Followed shortly by flights from Narita to San Jose, California starting mid-October to late November and from Narita to Seattle, Washington starting December with more flight plans to launch thereafter. The BB-8 Jet will fly mainly in North America starting Spring 2016 and is a new character to be introduced in the next film series.

    In-flight Movies


    Accordingly, demand and interest are at an all time high. The release of these planes will coincide with the highly anticipated movie installment “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” directed by JJ Abrams. For the first time ever, all Star Wars movies will be made available onboard the flights for international travelers. One can enjoy all 6 previous installments of the series aboard the new planes, making ANA the first airline to ever offer this perk. Additionally there will be added onboard merchandise including cups and napkins with star wars figures.

    If interested go to the ANA special website:All Nippon Airways Website to see the new planes complete with ANA Star Wars theme songs and iconic intro montage. Happy flying and May the Force be With You!!!

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