A Guide to Motsunabe, the High Protein, Low-Calorie Japanese Hot Pot

  • Hot pot dishes have a history of more than 1,000 years and have been widely enjoyed in this long span of time. One type of hot pot dish in Japan goes by the name “Motsunabe.” It is usually made of beef, pork and offal or internal organs. “Offal” can be kind of an odd food for the westerners but they’re eaten largely for supposed health benefits. Beef intestines are commonly used in Motsunabe. It is known as “motsu” and is considered to be highly nutritious and low-calorie.


    Many people believe Motsunabe is a dish from Fukuoka Prefecture. This is an area located in the Kyushu island of Japan. There are some Motsunabe restaurants available in the area. It has actually made its way into Tokyo but its fame greatly declined due to the Mad Cow Disease in the past.

    Apart from offal, you can enjoy eating Motsunabe with cabbage, leek and chili pepper. You need to cook it the conventional way of cooking a Japanese stew. The base soup includes the following ingredients: soy sauce with garlic and chili pepper or miso. It has a very addicting taste and many people enjoy eating it to the point of coming up with their own cooking styles. Restaurants also challenge themselves in making the best Motsunabe!

    An additional factor is its cheap cost, making it a perfect pair for alcohol.

    A great way to finish the meal is to cook champon noodles in the broth. This picks up additional flavor and sweetness from the vegetables.

    Where to Find Motsunabe?

    If you’re in Fukuoka, one popular place to try Motsunabe is Motsunabe Rakutenchi restaurant. It is even considered to be the best Motsunabe restaurant. It uses traditional soup which recipe has been passed on for 35 years and is a secret ingredient of their Motsunabe.

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