Sci-Fi Fans Unite: Terra Formars Live Action Movie Coming to Japan in 2016!

  • Are you into science fiction, action and Japanese films? If yes, then you might want to see the live-action film of Terra Formars! One must-see reason should be due to the fact that Japanese film producers rarely makes science fiction films!

    One of the most popular out of thousands of animes and mangas, Terra Formars, will have a live action adaptation to be directed by Mike Takashii. Terra Formars is a science fiction manga written by Yu Sasuga and illustrated by Kenichi Tachibana. Actually, a 13-episode anime television series was shown in 2014.

    What’s Terra Formars all about?

    21st century scientists were tasked to warm up the planet Mars in order for humans to survive on its surface. With this mission, the scientists then thought of sending cockroaches and mold them to the planet’s surface. The plan is to let the mold absorb sunlight while the cockroaches serve as food to the mold. 500 years have passed since the 21st century, six crew members landed to Mars. Humanoid cockroaches, later known as “Terra Formars”, with incredible strength attacked the crew. Despite the attack, the crew managed to send a warning to planet Earth. A few years later, another crew was sent to Mars. Unfortunately, the sent expedition was again wiped out leaving only two survivors. With the two remaining survivors, they joined another team to exterminate the mutated bugs.

    Powerhouse Cast

    Japanese movie enthusiasts were thrilled to hear the news of the live-action version since the cast consists of well-known Japanese actors! It was revealed that the adaptation would star:

    Ito Hideaki as Komachi Shoukichi
    Emi Takei as Nanao Akita
    Tomohisa Yamashita as Jin Muto (Based on the character: Thien)
    Takayuki Yamada as Ichiro Hiruma
    Shun Oguri as Kou Honda
    Kosugi Kein as God Lee
    Rinko Kikuchi as Asuka Moriki (Based on the character: Victoria Wood)
    Masaya Kato as Keisuke Doujima (Based on the character: Donatello K. Davis)
    Eiko Koike as Mina Obari
    Mariko Shinoda as Sorae Osako (Based on the character: Jaina Eisenstein)
    Kenichi Takito as Shunji Tetzuka (Based on the character: Tejas Viji)
    Rina Ohta as Bara Sagaki (Original movie character)

    The three main stars, Hideaki Ito, Emi Takei and Tomohisa Yamashita enthusiastically shared their thoughts on the upcoming film:

    “When I first heard that the movie plot will be taking place in Mars and the film will be directed by Takashii Miike, refusing the role is too much. The original work (manga) is very interesting so I have to do it by all means. I have to prepare and give my best for the filming.” (Ito, 2015)

    “When I first read the script, the idea of battling an incredible enemy is simply interesting. When I read the script more, I’m imagining what kind of movie we will be doing for Terra Formars. I’ll be also putting on special make-up. I’m looking forward on how will I look in the camera. The manga of Terra Formars is very popular so I can feel the pressure. I won’t lose to the pressure and do my best.” (Takei, 2015)

    “Science fiction is rarely made into Japanese films so I think this will be tremendously epic. I’m looking forward to it. Ito-san is a very reliable aniki (older brother). (Note: They worked together for a Japanese drama, Buzzer Beat.) I want to work hard so I’ll leave without any regrets. We have to wear a special tight suit during the filming so going to the toilet is a bit hard. (laughs) It’s very thrilling to have an opportunity to act out a character that is not really human.” (Yamashita, 2015)

    Filming in Iceland

    The cast and crew already started filming for three months. They are set to film overseas; in Iceland this August. It was further revealed that the film has a budget of approximately 100 million yen for a Japanese spacecraft. Moreover, the cast needs to be in spacesuits. The spacesuits are made of 100 parts and will be used for about 10 times during the filming.

    The film is slated to open sometime in Golden Week next year!

    Don’t forget to check out their official website:

    Terra Formars Live Action Movie Website*Automatic translation

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