Eat like a Sumo Wrestler at these 6 Chankonabe Restaurants

  • Have you ever wondered what sumo wrestlers eat? With such huge body proportions, they sure do need to eat a lot! One dish which is high in protein and considered a part of their weight-gain diet is the “chankonabe.” It is not picky with ingredients. You can put whatever there is available to cook as long as most of its bulk is made up of meat. Sometimes, it depends on what the sumo wrestlers would like to eat. It is considered a healthy meal for them.


    Why do sumo wrestlers want to eat a lot? A simple answer to this is they want to grow bigger so as to push out and win over their opponents and chankonabe helps them with this. Many of them have their own strategies in maintaining such weight gain. Some even opened up their own chankonabe restaurants and have become successful because of it. If you happen to be in Tokyo, why don’t you try your very first chankonabe meal in one of the places I will detail below.

    1. Saganobori


    Saganobori is located in Ginza of Tokyo. It is about 163 meters from Tsukiji Shijo. You can find delicious chankonabe here. The restaurant has 150 seats for guests and has some private rooms as well. There are many Japanese drinks available to pair your meal with: Japanese sake, Japanese spirits, wines and cocktails. The place is very particular with the use of vegetables and fish. You’ll surely enjoy a healthy meal!

    If you want to hold a banquet, you can make a reservation. Services include extended party hours of more than 2.5 hours.

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    2. Chankoshibamatsu

    Another restaurant you can visit is Chankoshibamatsu which is located in Meguro, Tokyo, particularly 416 meters from Naka Meguro. This place accommodates only 50 people. It is also open on Sundays. With a budget of 4,000-5,000 yen, you can enjoy having your meal with some drinks such as Japanese sake and Japanese spirits. You can even hold banquets or other events here.

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    3. Chanko Tomeogata


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    Ryogoku is a district located in Tokyo. Here, you can find sumo stadiums, sumo stables and chankonabe restaurants. Many of these restaurants are owned by retired wrestlers. One restaurant which stands out from the rest is the Chanko Tomeogata in Sumida-ku, Tokyo. It is open the entire week and is only closed during New Year Holidays as well as every Monday of August. The restaurant can accommodate 300 people. If you come from JR Ryogoku Station, East Exit, you can reach the place in 3 minutes on foot.

    There are three types of chankonabe which you can choose from: Komusubi, Makuuchi and Juryou. Ingredients vary on availability. Prices ranges from 4,000 yen to 4,999 yen.

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    4. Rikishi Ryori Kotogaume

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    A restaurant owned by a retired sumo wrestler is Rikishi Ryori Kotogaume. It is open until late night, around 10 PM. Their dishes are very particular about fish, which is the area’s main produce. The usual amount of money spent by guests range from 3,000 yen to 3,999 yen. Apart from chankonabo, you can enjoy your meal with drinks such as Japanese sake and Japanese spirits.

    Rikishi Ryori Kotogaume*Automatic translation

    5. Shinzan



    Located in a very hidden spot in Tokyo is Shinzan, which is popular for its curry-based chankonabe. This is even frequented by celebrities! The place is also owned by a retired sumo wrestler. The place speaks for itself and is beautifully decorated with sumo-related artwork. Since it is quite small, it would be better to make a reservation before you go.

    Shinzan*Automatic translation

    6. Tokitsunada Shinkawahonten

    Tokitsunada Shinkawahonten

    Another restaurant which is just a 3-minute walk from Kayabacho Staton Exit 3, is Tokitsunada Shinkawahonten. This place is only open from Mondays to Saturdays. The average cost for guests is 5,000 yen. However, you can have your lunch for as low as 1,000 yen. It is also a perfect place for family. You can bring along your children which would be a perfect day out.

    Tokitsunada Shinkawahonten*Automatic translation

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