Kuidaore, or How to Eat Yourself to Bankruptcy in Osaka

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  • Don’t believe anyone who says they don’t like to eat. We can immediately assume that they must be not from this planet because who isn’t in love with food? Humans love food, even animals revere food! However, Osaka takes it to a whole new level.

    Osaka is passionate about food, as validated by the popular Japanese saying that goes something like: the people of Tokyo ruin themselves by overspending on fine footwear, the people of Kyoto on fine clothing and – you guessed it – the people of Osaka on fine food. So much that the Japanese even have a word for this. Kuidaore.

    What is kuidaore? Simply put, it is to eat oneself into total ruin. To eat oneself into bankruptcy. Could there be a sweeter downfall?

    Kuidaore has such a significant part in Osaka’s history and pop culture. So much that in the heart of Dotonbori where epicures and foodies meet to sample the best Osaka has to offer, you can find the iconic Kuidaore Taro.

    This cheerful drummer boy used to belong to the now-closed Cui-daore restaurant. Now, he is one of the most sought after tourist landmarks in Dotonbori, with available merchandise. It’s actually almost a ritual to snap a picture of yourself with Taro, before you embark on a gastronomical journey in Dotonbori.

    It is hard to find bad food in Osaka. Everywhere you look, there will be something to tickle your tastebuds, whether it be takoyaki, okonomiyaki or kushikatsu. This city never runs out of fresh ingredients, both from land and sea. Combine this with their dedication to impress you every time there is food involved, then you get a city who takes kuidaore to heart. I recommend dedicating a whole day to Osaka’s Dotonbori to sample their delights. Experience kuidaore by coming in with an empty stomach then leaving with an empty wallet, a full stomach and the biggest smile on your face.

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