Travel Down Gigantic Toilet Bowl at The Museum of Science

  • In the high tech country that is Japan, it is not surprising that they are quite advanced in toilet machinery. However, it does come as a shock to see a whole exhibition dedicated to it’s functions. The interactive exhibit “Toilet?! – Human Waste and Earth’s Future” is an exhibit geared towards school aged children (and those young at heart) that has been a huge success in both Tokyo and Osaka and can be seen at the national museum. The exhibit is a hands-on, interactive way to learn about Japanese advances in engineering and how human waste products can be used to create phosphorus, a known key ingredient in crop fertilization among its multiple other uses.

    Don’t forget your hat!


    The centerpiece of this eye-opening exhibition is a gigantic 16-foot toilet bowl outfitted with a slide to mimic the waste passage through the toilet with the motto “you too can become feces!” Children are given stool-shaped hats as they slide down the large structure. There are also exhibits showing different forms of stool and the various health reasons for shape and color, along with stool from different animals. Not for the faint of heart and definitely not something to experience after lunchtime!

    Actually Educational


    There are also important historical facts such as how the plumbing system was affected by the great earthquake of 2011 and even exhibits showing the toilets of the future. There was one toilet that was encrusted with more than 70,000 rhinestones! The whole exhibit has cute stool mascots (if one can call a poop cute) along with catchy songs from singing toilets and displays that are sure to bring out the kids in all of us, despite the subject matter.


    If in the area or just want to see what the poop madness is all about, the exhibit link can be found here

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