Temple Stay at Kongo Sanmai-in Temple: A Perfect Place to Relax

  • If you are interested in getting in touch with your spiritual side in Japan, why don’t you head to Koyasan in Wakayama where you can find the Kongo sanmai-in Temple.


    It is a temple built in the year 1223 by a widow named Hojo Masako. She was said to be the most influential and most powerful woman in the Japanese history. The temple was constructed in memory of her husband, Minamoto Yoritomo.

    As a Temple Inn


    Nowadays, the Kongo Sanmai-in is being used as a temple inn-a lodging place for those who want to experience a quiet and peaceful scenery. It is one of the 52 temples that receive visitors overnight. It would be better to visit the place in late April or early May when the pink flowers are in full bloom.

    Approaching the place, you will be guided by a long lane with high walls in the village of Mount Koya. This will lead you to the main gate. The animals carved in the main entrance are very noticeable. These include elephants, dragons and lions. The place will leave you breathless. It is surrounded by black cedar trees and the buildings are made of dark woods. It makes the place look very traditional and natural!

    What to Expect


    Normally, the rooms are very simple. This is a temple, so you have to expect just simple tatami mat rooms. The room has no chairs or even a bed. They will provide you a futon to sleep on. There’s a low-lying table with traditional cups and a green tea pot. The place overlooks a beautiful Japanese garden, adorned with Japanese stones on it. A perfect way to relax!

    The menu consists mainly of healthy foods such as vegetables, pickles, miso soup, tofu and many more. Remember, they don’t serve fish or meat. But, they serve large beers! The closing time is at 9:00 PM. The only recreational activity you can do is the communal bath.

    Kongo Sanmai-in Temple Website

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