2 Breathtaking Spots To Feel The Magic of Hokkaido

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  • Hokkaido is popularly known all over Japan not only for its cold climate but for unspoiled nature as well. It is considered to be Japan’s second largest island. It attracts many tourists because of its outdoor activities. Here are two of Hokkaido’s most recommended places to visit which offer beautiful scenery.

    Taushubetsugawa Kyoryo


    Taushubetsugawa Kyoryo, also known as Taushubetsu bridge, is located in Kamishihoro-cho, Hokkaido. This is an arched bridge which appears and disappears depending on the season. When the water level in the dam rises, the bridge disappears under it. For this reason, it was given the name “Bridge of Illusion.” It could have been considered part of Hokkaido’s heritage but failed to do so because of the unexpected aforementioned phenomena. It is best to visit this place from December to March as the water level descends and the bridge is very much visible.


    Unkai Terrace


    Unkai Terrace offers a panoramic view of a spectacular sea of clouds! It is located in Tomamu mountain resort area and is a part of Hoshino Resorts Tomamu. From a 1,088 meters height, you can actually see the clouds closely, as if you could touch them.


    The terrace is only open from mid-May to October. There’s a cafe located in the area for you to relax while enjoying the view. You can also use ropeway gondolas which are available from 4:30 AM to 7:00 AM only. There’s no reservation for this. You can also have some yoga lessons for free! If you want to go trekking up the mountain, a trekking guide is also available. However, the clouds are not visible every day. Make sure to check the weather conditions. They usually cancel the ropeway gondola when the weather is bad. Fee for adults is 1,900 yen and 1,200 yen for children. It is best to call them before your visit and make sure everything is perfect!

    Unkai Terrace Info

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