10 Experiences All Otakus Understand While Watching Anime

  • Hey you! Yes, you! Let me guess. You like anime. In fact, you may be watching one right now. Yes? Aren’t you an avid fan? Be proud and don’t deny!

    Well let’s have a quick look at the following thoughts and experiences avid anime viewers can relate to. If you can say yes to more than half of what we’ve got on this list, then welcome to the club!

    1. Becoming depressed after your favorite anime character dies


    A lot of people consider watching anime as a source of entertainment. And when we talk about ‘entertainment’, we usually associate it with fun. But while ‘having fun’ is a constant to a lot of popular animations we’ve come to love, there are select series, movies and OVAs (Original video animation) that made it to our top list of favorites for making us cry. More so if the thing that made us shed tears is the death of a character we love from the entire series. (How did Itachi Uchiha’s death in Naruto make you feel?)

    2. ‘I want to live in Japan. NOW’

    If you love anime then let’s face it. There was once (or twice..or more) times when watching a series made us feel so hyped up to just fly to Japan and live there. Budgeting and all that can follow. It’s a fancy thought. Ambitious even. But there’s no harm in imagining.

    3. Laughing out loud while facing the computer screen…alone


    WEIRD. But hey, you can’t help it when one character does something really stupid, and ends up succeeding anyway. Many anime series are packed with humor and that only adds to its allure.

    4. Just..one..more…episode

    How many of us have failed to actually follow this popular ‘Just-one-more-episode’ mantra just before going to bed? If you’re a hardcore fan, you know better just how difficult this is. Be honest. One more episode just isn’t enough. And before you know it, you’ve already finished watching the entire series.

    5. Wishing that colored hairstyles look that good in real life

    No one can look as hot and as cool with colored hair than that of anime characters. Their hairstyles are so immaculate that no amount of tremendous physical activities is capable of messing with them. Sadly, bringing them to life just doesn’t look as good. And we’re all left wishing.

    6. Desperately waiting for that 2nd season that will never come out

    Anime with good characters and an excellent plot deserve a 2nd season (or more). Agree? Tragically, there are notable short series animations that will never see the light of day for its next season. Sad, yes. But at the end of the day, the industry’s still a business. And if the creators don’t see the potential of spending more on its production, then we’ll have to settle.

    7. Reading and listening at the same time – no sweat

    A number of viewers fancy watching the ‘dubbed’ versions to get rid of the language barrier and focus on what’s going on screen. But you’ll be amazed by just how a significant number of fans who love to go for the ‘subbed’ episodes can read the subtitles while at the same time watching the show. In fact if you ask them, they’ll probably say, ‘No sweat.’

    8. Let’s have lunch – on the rooftop

    We normally wouldn’t like the idea of eating at the rooftop. No tables, no chairs, no access to amenities available at a typical dining area set up, and more. But because we see how anime characters hang out on the rooftop, and enjoy meals together with friends, perhaps the idea isn’t so bad after all.

    9. Are you alright? – NO! MY INTERNET CONNECTION IS SLOW!


    Getting updates on favorite series for online streamers, especially those living outside Japan, usually depend on getting access to free and paid online streaming websites. So you can just imagine the dread one feels if a single episode video takes too long to load due to some technical glitch. Unstable weather conditions for instance, can significantly affect the internet connectivity of the area – something which is a very big OH-NO to viewers.

    10. Fangirling/Fanboying when your favorite character appears. And getting caught.

    No one wants to look stupid. Not especially in front of your parents. Yet how many of us, anime fans have experienced being caught by our moms and dads, fangirling/fanboying while watching an episode of our favorite series? You did? Well then, you must know exactly how it felt like.

    OTAKU might be a derogatory term in the Japanese culture. But over the years, it has been accepted by many as a general term referring to people who read manga, watch anime, and love the Japan culture as a whole. So, any other fun ‘otaku’ experience you’d like to add on this list? Drop them down in our comment space below!