Relax and Enjoy Nature at Beautiful Bosenkan Ryokan, Gifu

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  • Gero city is Gifu prefecture is a peaceful place and is home to some of Japan’s most beautiful onsens. It is easily accessible from cities like Nagoya, and Fukui.



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    Finding a ryokan can be difficult, but something about Bosenkan caught my eye. Upon arrival at Gero station the shuttle service will be waiting to pick you up. The lobby is clean with a team of friendly staff waiting to help you. Some of the staff can speak English to cater to all their customers. Men wear a blue and white patterned yukata with a blue or purple belt while women get to choose a Yukata.

    The Room


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    The rooms are spacious enough to for up to five people to sleep and comes equipped with snacks, and little munchies to hold you over until dinner. A staff member will come to your room and give you a mini orientation going through the rules and regulations of the hot spring. You will then choose and reserve your dinner and breakfast time. This is also an opportune time to ask any questions, if you have any. Until dinner, you are free to relax and explore the grounds.

    The Facilities


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    The surrounded grounds are wide, with an airy feel and a beautiful view and much to do. There is a pool area, families with children can enjoy this at any time, so be sure to bring your swim wear.



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    There is also a large garden area with a pond, which is a perfect place to take pictures. This ryokan also has a beer garden which seems to be a popular spot in the evening, but luckily, the customers aren’t very noisy. There is also a small tea house which guests can reserve for events or special occasions.

    The Hot Springs


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    This facility has both indoor and outdoor public baths. Like most hot spring resorts, the male and female sections are separated. The outdoor baths allow bathers to enjoy a calming view of the mountain and river. The water is very therapeutic and is guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed.

    A Bit of Privacy


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    The hot springs in Japan are a great experience. However bathing in the nude with a group of people maybe a bit daunting. For a bit more privacy, Bosenkan offers private bath houses which can be reserved at any time, providing there is a vacancy.

    A Large Footbath


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    Apart from having private bath houses, guests are welcome to use the footbath at will. It is relaxing and will leave your feet feeling soothed. The Footbath can accommodate up to 12 people at the same time, but I doubt it will be that crowded.

    The Meal


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    Guests usually make their way to the dining area about 10 minutes before the reserved time. Guests are seated in a private tatami room. The table is already set and waiting for you to grab those chopsticks and dive right in! The waiter or waitress will kindly show you what sauces to use with each dish, and are quick to clear and serve the next piping hot dish.


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    The meal is neatly laid out in a colorful array of small dishes. It may include an assortment of sushi, sashimi, fish, vegetables and of course, the infamous Hida Beef. Even if you have a dietary restriction or a food allergy, the kitchen staff will be happy to accommodate you as best they can. Be sure to make specifications when you make your reservation.

    If you are planning to go to Gero, don’t hesitate to choose Bosenkan for a great ryokan experience.

    Bosenkan Ryokan

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