2 Famous Genghis Khan Restaurants in Sapporo That will Make you Crave for More

  • The fourth largest city in Japan is Sapporo. It is the birthplace of some popular Japanese dishes such as miso ramen. Another unique dish is the jingisukan, also known as “Genghis Khan.” This is a barbecued lamb dish which was a popular dish among Mongolian soldiers in the past.


    Although the origin of Genghis Khan is not clearly known, some people believe that the first jingisukan-dedicated restaurant opened in Tokyo in 1936. As its popularity spread, this led to the opening of many other restaurants, especially in Sapporo. Here are some recommended places for you to visit.


    One of the places which most local people head to in Sapporo is the restaurant named, “FUKUROUTEI.” It provides a casual experience of barbecue in the Genghis Khan style.

    Waiters and waitresses are very friendly and courteous. It is open Tuesday to Saturday from 5 PM to 10:30 PM. The dishes use very fresh and soft lamb meat and the prices are very reasonable.

    Fukuroutei Sapporo *Automatic translation

    Sapporo Beer Garden (Genghis Khan Hall)

    This is the only place where you can taste all of Hokkaido’s different foods. You’ll definitely be able to find great-tasting jingisukan here. The Genghis Khan Hall has been uniquely designed with a large glowing fireplace. You’ll be greeted with the aroma of beer. Actually, the hall was built during the Meiji era and was formerly used as a government office building. Their typical menu consists of Fresh Lamb Genghis Khan Buffet which costs around 4,104 yen per head.


    The place has 2,400 seats available which makes it easy for guests to dine in. It also has a huge parking lot for one to bring a car when dining with family, friends or coworkers for an event or party. The place is also open all throughout the year except on December 31. This is a very important holiday for the Japanese people and a good opportunity to feast on such delicious meat.

    Sapporo Beer Garden is the perfect place to eat and drink as much Genghis Khan and beer that you want!

    Sapporo Beer Garden

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