Amazing Japanese Toilets at the new TOTO Museum

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  • Japan is famous worldwide for their technological advances and also for the cleanliness of their cities and towns. One aspect of Japan that enthralls tourists and native Japanese alike are their toilets. If you have ever visited Japan you will have noticed the vast array of toilets with many buttons and functions. It can really catch a traveler unaware, if you try to flush and press the wrong button all sorts of things can happen.


    Toilets can be equipped with wash functions, heated seats or even with music which covers any sounds. Japanese toilets are truly amazing, and are a big export. So it is not a surprise that a museum dedicated to TOTO toilets is opening in Japan.

    TOTO Toilets

    In my opinion, from living in the UK, TOTO toilets are really at the next level of convenience and comfort. TOTO toilets contain many different technological functions which aren’t available in other countries and they were founded almost 100 years ago, in 1917. TOTO toilets have motion sensors which will detect you when you approach the toilet, this means that the toilet will automatically open the lid when you need it to! With a TOTO toilet there is also no need for toilet paper. They have developed Washlet technology which utilises water to provide a superior clean experience. The research that was conducted by TOTO found that cleaning with water was more hygienic and effective than using paper. Warm water is used which enhances this, you can choose the positioning of the water wand so it is suited to you. The nozzle then even cleans itself!

    TOTO toilets also have a built in dryer after you use the washlet. There are many other useful functions, like a built-in deodorizer which works from when the lid lifts to after you have flushed. You can even get a heated seat so in the winter months you don’t have to sit on a cold toilet! This really shows how advanced the toilets of TOTO are. Their advances aren’t solely for the toilet functions but for the aesthetics as well. You can have rimless toilets which look like they are floating on the wall.

    TOTO toilets even reduce your cleaning responsibilities by using ewater+. This function sprays the toilet bowl before and after use to clean itself. The toilet also has a special coating which means things don’t stick to it which makes it even easier to clean. Finally a UV light is activated once the lid is shut which breaks down dirt and germs in the toilet, viola, no need to clean! TOTO are also keen on being environmentally friendly and have many functions which decrease waste, such as taps which utilise less natural water, therefore, helping the environment.



    As you would expect from such an innovative company the museum building itself is a marvel. From the outside the museum is incredibly sharp looking and very modern, but what is so special is how it was built. The building has over 100 environmentally friendly measures to address a number of environmental issues. These include saving water by utilising their own water-saving technology, heat control using solar chimneys and smart glass and energy saving by using low input LED lighting and solar power. Even the pavements are made of recycled materials to save on waste, and to save the trees specific plants were chosen for their sustainability. The building is also self-maintaining through use of coating technology which use the sun and rain to keep the building


    The museum itself has several different areas, one showing the history and founding of TOTO and their philosophy. There is a library which has information on history and public health, alongside more information on TOTO Ltd. One exhibition room shows the products produced by TOTO which were game changers, such as new faucet designs and toilet technology. The final exhibition hall shows TOTO products which are on the market in different areas of the world. There is even a shop so you can get a souvenir from your day.

    The museum opened on August the 28th 2015 and the hours are 10-5 from Tuesday-Sunday and is free entry. For more information, check out the official website below.

    TOTO Museum

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