Karaoke: Sing, Eat, and Dance to your Heart’s Content!

  • Karaoke originally came from Japan, but now it is very popular in many other countries.


    Karaoke in a private room


    Comparing to karaoke in other countries, here in Japan you can enjoy singing and having a fun time in a private room. You can choose a smoking room or a non-smoking room at the reception desk. Also, you can choose one karaoke machine out of two, Joy Sound and DAM. If you get confused which is better, then you should ask the staff about the difference between them such as “which one has a lot of English songs?” or “which one has more new songs?” Each room usually has a TV, mikes, tables, chairs/sofas, and instruments like tambourines.

    Eating and drinking while singing

    Depending on the karaoke shop, you may have to order at least one drink or you can get an all-you-can-drink set and drink soda and other non-alcoholic drinks as much as you want. Also, there are food and drink menus in each room, so that you can also order drinks or food using the phone on the wall in the room. The food selections include pizza, takoyaki, french fries, dessert, etc. Drinks are coke, tea, fruit juice, alcohol, etc.



    Hitokara stands for Hitorikaraoke, singing alone. You can not only enjoy singing with other people but also you can can spend time singing and relaxing in a karaoke room by yourself. You can practice singing privately for the next time you sing with your friends or a competition!

    Evaluating your singing level

    You can find out how well you sing well by a machine. After you finish you can get the result such as “60”, “89,” and so forth. You can also see who is singing the same song online and compete, and also see the ranking.

    Japanese karaoke has some interesting features as introduced above. These details would be reasons why karaoke is very popular in Japan. Once you try it, you might also become a fan of karaoke!

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      Whoa, I never knew karaoke was from Japan. So amazing and cliche. In my country it has became a tradition to use karaoke whenever we hold festivals. It was fun and I hope I can try it in Japan too. I bet the karaoke in Japan is a lot more better in my country. THUMBS UP…!

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