3 Must–Have Free Apps for First–Time Travellers in Japan

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  • With the booming tourism industry, we see a significant increase of people who travel to other countries all over the world for sheer fun and adventures. And when it comes to a country as historically rich and advanced as Japan, it’s quite easy to understand why it’s on the top of travel destination lists of many people.

    Japan’s growing tourism industry

    As of the year 2013, the United Nations Tourism Organization ranked Japan 27th on its list of the most visited countries by foreign tourists all over the world. And just last year (2014), the country has recorded the highest ever number of visits – 13,410,000 foreign visitors, which is a 29.4% increase from the previous year.

    This surge of visits from different countries, especially China, can perhaps be attributed to the drastic decrease of the Japanese yen’s value as a result of Prime Minister Abe’s economic policies. What was once considered to be an expensive tourist destination can now be accessed by more people.

    This doesn’t mean though that you will no longer need to spend much. Japan is still quite expensive for Asia, but with the right amount of preparation, you need not fret about being broke right after your trip.

    Speaking of preparation, there are some excellent things you should include into your must-haves, other than just packing up your clothing and getting all your gadgets ready. Have a look at these 3 Android mobile apps that will be excellent companions on your trip to Japan.

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    1. GuruNavi

    If there’s something travelers would not dare to miss on their visit, apart from the major landmarks, it is definitely the exquisite food delights Japan has to offer. True, we may already have many Japanese restaurants and food shops in our locality. But it’s a whole new different level when we get to taste authentic foods prepared by Japanese chefs.

    GURUNAVI is an app that will help you find some of the best restaurants fit for your needs. It’s a simple and fast restaurant search service! English, Korean, and Chinese languages are supported, so you’ll have enough picks in whatever language you’re comfortable with.

    Hungry and want to save time finding an excellent place? No worries! GURUNAVI is equipped with an advanced GPS function that allows you to locate nearby shops – all of this in just a few seconds! Best of all, you get access to potential discounts! Just choose COUPONS from Facilities and Services Menu, and find saving opportunities!

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    2. Talking Translator by GreenLife Apps

    Worried about not being able to communicate in Japanese? Don’t be! Now that free, offline apps like the Talking Japanese English Translator can be installed on your mobile, you’ll have an easier way of communicating some basic things.

    The app supports other languages apart from Japanese, like Chinese and Italian, and you’ll also have the chance to get access to the offline dictionary wherever you go. It also has a ‘word of the day’ feature that allows you to learn new random words that may come in handy throughout your visit.

    Its highlight is the voice recognition feature that literally allows you to search Japanese words by saying them. If you’d like a user-friendly, snap-of-a-finger quick result, then Japanese English Translator app is an excellent pick.

    Remember, you don’t need to speak the language fluently to have a great time. You just have to get the right tools prepared!

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    Google Play

    3. MAPS.ME

    No one wants to get lost, especially in a foreign country you’ve never visited before. But this is a very likely scenario if you go there unprepared. For tourists, bringing guide books and hard copies of maps is highly recommended. But since they’re bulky and prone to tearing and fading the longer you use them, some choose to leave them behind altogether in favor of the more handy mobile apps.

    MAPS.ME is a highly recommended mobile application that is perfect for locating specific destinations without the need of internet connection! Information on the map is guaranteed to be updated, ensuring that you don’t get lost while using it.

    With over 20 million downloads worldwide, you can see how trusted this app is. It has also been featured in some notable sites like Forbes and the Washington Post, adding up to its overall credibility.

    With its accurate, top of the line GPS navigation feature, getting lost is no longer an issue.

    Now that the world has gone digital, there’ s no reason why you should miss the chance to travel with ease. Prepare your gadgets and install these apps before heading on your first trip to Japan! Have a great time!

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