Weird Japanese Gaming Series: Tanto Cuore

  • If you are used to playing Western style games, at first Japanese games may seem a bit strange and might take some time getting used to.
    In this series, I will be exploring some of the interesting games available that come from Japan. Today, we’re not looking at a video game, but at a tabletop card game – Tanto Cuore!



    In Tanto Cuore, you are playing the master of a rich, Japanese household, and you are trying to fill your house with lots of different maids! Every card has some manga-esque artwork of different maid characters. Each maid has different abilities which help you through the game, so you really want to collect as many as possible!


    Tanto Cuore is a deck building game, everyone begins with the same hand of cards, but throughout the game you work to build your deck so it is better than your opponents. You do this by spending ‘love’ to hire maids from the table. Maids have lots of different abilities, the most common being; extra ‘love’, extra ‘actions’, extra ‘hirings’ or extra cards. As you can only hire one maid at a time (unless you have the extra ‘hiring’ ability maids), you really have to plan ahead with who you wish to hire. The winner is the player with the most victory points at the end of the game, each maid has a different victory point level.
    Some people may feel that the artwork on these cards is a bit suggestive, so be careful if you’re planning on playing this with younger people!

    Where to Buy


    As with most things nowadays, you can buy this game online from many sources (Amazon, eBay etc.) just search google for it! If you’re in Japan, head down to Yellow Submarine to pick up a copy of your own! There’s also an iOS app – so you can practice your skills!

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