Poppin’ Cooking: DIY Sushi–Shaped Sweets Kit!

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  • Japanese sweets have been popular for a long time – very tasty, and often very cute! But, have you ever tried any of the Poppin’ Cooking series of sweets? Well, you’re missing out!

    What are you talking about?


    Poppin’ Cooking is an extremely popular, and rather different brand of sweets here in Japan. These are no ordinary sweets, you have to make these sweets yourself! Each pack comes with small packets of powder that you mix with water to make the delicious sweets. But – they are no ordinary sweets. These sweets all look like different Japanese foods! It’s actually very surprising how realistic these sweets look when you make them!



    There are currently 28 different varieties of the Poppin’ Cooking sweets, ranging from Sushi, to Bento boxes, to Fast food meals, and even donuts! Because of the strange, and wide variety of sets – these make perfect gifts for friends of all ages!

    How they work


    Each set comes with a small plastic tray with lots of different compartments to help make your sweets. The back of each box has detailed instructions (in Japanese) with very clear pictures, so even if you don’t speak Japanese they’re easy to follow. Just put the numbered powder into the corresponding section, add a little water and mix it together – you’ll be surprised how quickly it becomes edible! Then you put all your pieces together in the way the instructions say, and hey presto! You have your incredible Poppin’ Cooking sweets!

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