Top 3 Themed Bars and Restaurants in Kyoto!

  • Tired of your typical neighborhood bar and typical drinks? These 3 themed bars and restaurants will give you an experience you will never forget!

    1. M4 Shooting Bar


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    Nestled just off one of the main shopping streets in Kyoto is a bar with a difference. This is M4 Shooting Bar, and you can actually shoot guns while you drink! They have their very own shooting range within the bar, and a huge selection of bb guns you can chose to shoot. These guns have been weighted to feel like the real thing so you can feel like you’re really shooting! The whole bar has been decorated with army style prints, and a lot of metal. The theme is very apparent throughout, and they usually have real action movies playing in the background!

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    2. Lock Up


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    The next on the list is Lock Up, a prison-themed restaurant at the end of the main drinking street of Kiyamachi. But, this is a prison with a difference! This prison is haunted! The food and drinks are all themed as science experiments done to the prisoners, or as scary versions of the usual food. The most usual cocktail you can get is a chemistry set cocktail, where you can add flavours to the main drink using test tubes and pipettes! Also, be sure to try the takoyaki roulette; 3 normal takoyaki and one filled with wasabi! Trust me – it’s spicy!

    The Lock Up Kyoto*Automatic translation

    UPDATE: As of 2017, the Kyoto branch is now closed. However, they have other branches in Osaka, Tokyo, and other cities.

    3. Rub a Dub

    The last bar on the list is Rub a Dub, a reggae bar in Kiyamachi. This is a tiny bar but it has a big personality! They have really taken the Caribbean theme all the way. The bar’s interior has a corrugated metal roof on it, so you really feel like you’re outside at a tropical bar. They sometimes hold live music events with DJs which can get crowded – but they always keep their chill reggae vibe going strong!

    Rub a Dub*Automatic translation

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