Weird Japanese Gaming Series: Hatoful Boyfriend

  • In this series, I will be exploring some of the interesting games available that come from Japan. In this article, we’re going to look at a Japanese Dating Sim, with a very strange twist: Hatoful Boyfriend!



    In Hatoful Boyfriend, you play the only human to ever be admitted to “St. Pigeonation’s Institute” – a school for talented birds. Yep. That’s right. Birds. You start the game on the first day of your second year at the school. Your aim is to successfully romance one of your classmates. Yes, your bird classmates.



    Hatoful Boyfriend is a text-based story game, in which you will encounter many different characters that you may romance. To successfully romance a bird, you must possess a high score in the skill they most desire. There are 3 skills in this game, Wisdom, Vitality, and Charisma. You increase these skills by taking classes in Math, Gym, and Music, respectively. You must also choose the correct school job, and make the appropriate choices during your conversations with your chosen partner. The characters you can choose from are very varied; there’s a jock character who is obsessed with pudding, a beautiful, fancy dove who lives in a giant mansion, and Yuuya (above) who is training to be a secret service worker! If you successfully romance your chosen bird, you are able to run away with them for your happy ending! If, however, you fail in your quest, you may end up expelled from school….by ninjas!

    Where to buy

    You can download a free demo version of the game, which allows you to date 7 different birds. This version is available to download on their website for PC and Mac, in both English and Japanese.

    Rock Paper Shotgun

    For the full version can be bought from the games website (same link as above), as well as on Steam, again in English and Japanese. The full version gives you the option to date more birds, and has extended storytelling scenes.

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