Japanese Chahan (Fried Rice) Mixes: Super-easy and Yummy!

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  • There may be days when you don’t have a lot of time to spend on dinner but want to make something really fast and there is nothing at home except for leftover rice. Well, why not try these fried rice mixes? They come in a variety of flavors and are super easy to make.

    Choose your Flavor

    Each flavor has its own unique taste. My personal favorite is Gomoku Cha-han flavor because it contains both shrimp and Kamaboko (fish-paste cake) with onion, green onions and red bell peppers. So, it has more ingredients and is more spicy than others. It consists of all the required spices and ingredients like salt, soy sauce, garlic flakes, red pepper. So, no additions is required although it depends on oneself if you want it to be more hot, then you add tabasco sauce or chilli paste. It entirely depends on your choice.

    Each package contains three small packets within, so it will stay fresh until you use it. The main base for these mixes is soybeans and wheat in addition to shrimps or crabs accordingly added to the different flavored packets. They claim that none of these contain any meat or MSG. So, I guess vegetarians can also enjoy these.

    How to make Fried Rice

    To make it, all you need is oil( which I think everyone has at home), an egg and leftover cooked rice and follow only 3 steps. First, you need to heat oil in a pan. Add an egg and stir-fry lightly in medium heat. Then add the cooked rice and continue to stir and fry for about a minute. You can add any vegetables or any leftover meat so that you don’t want to waste. Then, finally sprinkle the fried rice mix evenly into the pan, stir and fry it for about 1.5 minutes. The TADA!! Our fried rice is ready to serve and eat.

    These mixes can be found in any department or convenience stores and cost between 100-138 yen. I got it during a price down sale time. Maybe the prices have changed by now but it isn’t that expensive I guess!!

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