A Ladies Only Capsule Hotel in the Heart of Tokyo

  • Many visitors to Japan want to stay in interesting ‘Japanese’ hotels. One of the most popular types of these hotels is the capsule hotel. These are hotels made up of a large amount of small ‘capsules’ that work as hotel rooms. These rooms contain the bare minimum needed for a good night’s sleep; futon, pillow, blanket, power outlet, tv, and light. Because they are so minimalist, they became very popular with Japanese businessmen who missed the last train home after a night of working late (or drinking!). The popularity levels with men means that the majority of these capsule hotels are actually men-only. This allows the hotels to save money, not having to build additional floors or facilities for ladies to use as well. But, recently, a Ladies-only capsule hotel has opened in Tokyo, and has turned the concept on its head!

    Centurion Cabin and Spa

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    Centurion Cabin and Spa opened on March 29th 2015, so it’s still a very new hotel, but is already very popular! The reviews on TripAdvisor are all very positive, with no-one ranking the hotel lower than ‘Very Good’ (the second highest rank possible!). It is also very reasonably priced, with a one-night stay in a standard cabin going for around 5000JPY.

    The Rooms

    The capsule rooms are surprisingly spacious for this kind of hotel. The bed space will be plentiful, even for the taller traveler! Each capsule also contains; a widescreen TV with multiple channels (including some English ones), a tablet prepped with internet so you can browse the web in you bed, a collection of phone chargers so you won’t run out of battery, and a scented diffuser so it smells fresh and clean. Each guest also has their own locker on their floor, although these are very narrow so most people have their cases in the hall. You can leave you case at reception, though, if you want to leave the hotel. Besides the lockers, each guest receives a bag with pajamas, toiletries, and towels – so you really don’t need to pack much when staying here!


    As well as your roomy capsule, every guest has access to the hotel’s spa facilities. On the second floor there is a lovely public bath, complete with coloured underwater lights! There is also a sauna on the same floor, although I didn’t try it out – the other guests told me it was lovely as well. Go up one floor and you have the common room area. Here, you can relax with an infrared foot spa, free tea, coffee, or juice, and a comfortable seating area where you can watch TV. This room is great if you’re travelling with other people, as you can feel free to chat away. In the room corridors, making noise is not allowed!

    Overall, a fantastic place to stay for any lovely ladies travelling to Tokyo!

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

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