The Long–Awaited Japanese Netflix is Finally Here!

  • Netflix is already hugely popular in many countries around the world, and a lot of people spend long hours binging on their favourite shows. And as of September 2nd 2015, it has crossed shores and arrived in Japan! This is the first time the streaming service has been available in Asia, and will be expanding to other Asian countries by next year.

    What is Netflix?

    If you haven’t heard of Netflix before, where have you been?! But, on a serious note, Netflix is one of the top streaming services available on the internet in both the UK and USA. In addition to streaming popular movies and TV shows from around the world, Netflix also creates many original programmes of its own. The most well-known of these is probably the highly successful – Orange is the New Black. This level of quality, original programming is part of the reason this service has become so popular.

    Netflix Japan

    Scrolling through the content available on Netflix Japan, you can see a wide variety of entertainment available. The range of Anime is much greater than that available on UK Netflix, which only has a select few series available. The site also contains a good selection of Japanese TV shows (drama, comedy, and documentaries), Japanese movies, as well as a great number of International content. Including some American shows that aren’t yet available on UK Netflix.

    Access and Costs

    Netflix is a pay monthly subscription service, currently priced at JPY650, JPY950 and JPY1450 a month (pre-tax) depending on a package, which actually makes it cheaper than UK or USA Netflix, like for like. They have already created some original content for the Japan site, including a transfer of a popular TV show; Terrace House, which follows 6 strangers when they are placed into a luxurious house together for 1 month. Some of the Japanese content is gifted with English subtitles as well.

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