Let’s Try Tasty and Popular Alcohol-Free Japanese Beer!

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  • Did you drink too much last night? Are you thinking of cutting the alcohol intake on a regular basis? There might be several reasons why you decided to try non-alcoholic beer and if you have not given a thought about it yet, this article might convince you to switch once in a while, or even give non-alcoholic beer at least a chance!

    The Taste

    Beer lovers might find it impossible to think of drinking anything that is not “real” beer. If you are drinking beer in order to get drunk, non-alcoholic beer will definitely not help you. But, if you drink beer because you love the taste, try one of these good Japanese “non aruko-ru” (non-alcoholic) beer.

    Asahi Dry Zero

    Practically a clone of the popular Asahi Super Dry, it is usually sold for 200¥ per 500ml can.

    Suntory All-Free

    Probably aiming for female customers with the elegant white can design, Suntory All-Free is Japan’s most popular non-alcoholic beer.

    Kirin Free

    It does not taste similar to Kirin ichiban which is the brand’s popular beer, but it has a nice taste to it.

    The Good Points

    There are more pros for non-alcoholic ones than for regular beer. Since Japanese non-alcoholic beer does not contain any alcohol, your kidney will thank you a thousand times. You will not get drowsy and will not lose the ability of clear thinking. The best advantage: you absolutely will not have any hangover whatsoever.

    Finally, if you are at a party (‘bonenkai’ and ‘kurisumasu’ parties are on their way!) and have to drive, you will not have to miss the great taste of beer. While this does not apply for non-alcoholic beer bought in restaurants and bars, if you shop at supermarkets and convenience stores, you will realise that non-alcoholic beer is cheaper, too.

    It even gets better: you won’t believe it, but non-alcoholic beer has way less calories than its counterpart. So you’re basically doing your body a favour on many levels.