How to Update your Manaca Commuter Pass in 8 Easy Steps!

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  • The manaca is a great little passcard for travel in and around the city. It’s available at a reasonable price and so very convenient to travel from one train line to the next. Although there are many benefits of manaca cards, renewing it can be a bit troublesome.

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    I used to always wait in those long lines at the ticket offices. Those lines can get quite long and if you are pressed for time you might need another option. This was how I discovered the machine.

    It’s quite simple; first head to the machines. You can quite easily renew your pass at any machine following these easy steps.

    1. Look for the manaca machine, which can be found at all train stations in Nagaoya. In other areas, you may also be able to use machines normally used for the same purpose (but they will have different names like Suica or Pasmo.)
    2. Press the “MANACA” button

    3. Select the second option which will allow you to continue using the same commuter pass.
    4. Press this button for train use only.

    5. Select the kind of pass you want. The first option is a monthly pass (1か月). The second option is a three-month pass (3か月), and the third option is a 6-month pass (6か月).
    6. Then select the date you want to start using the pass. The first option is from the present day.
      Or if you plan to use it on upcoming days, choose the dates. For example; The time period is August which is 8月 (月 = gatsu which means month). Then the day which is 日 (日 = nichi which means day).

    7. After selecting the start of the validation date, confirm that the information is correct. Then press the button on the lower left to print your updated card.
    8. Insert your money here and wait for your valid commuter’s pass to be dispensed.

    This whole procedure of renewing your commuter pass using the Manaca machine takes less than 10 minutes. It certainly beats waiting in those sometimes long lines at the ticket offices. So the next time you need to renew your pass look for the machine and remember these easy steps!

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