The Three Major Night View in Japan

  • What would you like to do in the night in Japan? Clubbing, grabbing beer, eating Japanese dishes… No-way! Today we introduce you to the three major night view in Japan.

    Mt. Hakodate

    First, it’s located in Hakodate, Hokkaido. Right after eating awesome fresh seafood in Hokkaido, you can see an incredible night view of Hakodate city and belt Tsugaru from altitude 334m, Mt, Hakodate. You can mount to a view point by a aerial tramway. The best time to see is about 30 minutes later after sundown. And you can also have diner with the sweet views at the view point. In the summer, you can enjoy the fireworks!

    Japanese notation:函館山
    Entrance fee : free
    Aerial tramway round ticket : Adult 1160 yen, Child 590 yen

    Mt. Maya Kikuseidai

    When you go to western Japan, where would you go? Kyoto? Osaka? Nope! The second place is located in Kobe, Hyogo. You would like the view of the city Kobe and city Osaka from Mt, Maya. There is observation deck which is named “Kikuseidai” on the top of Mt, Maya. Kikusei means scoop the stars because the view from there seems to scoop the stars. Kobe is located 1 hour train ride from Kyoto so don’t miss it!

    Japanese notation:摩耶山 掬星台
    Address : 兵庫県神戸市灘区摩耶山町2−2 2-2 Mayasancho, Nadaku, Kobe, Hyogo
    Entrance fee : free

    Mt. Inasa

    The 3rd one is Mt, Inasa in Nagasaki. On the way to the top from Inasadake railway station, you will walk a fantasy tunnel with LED lights more than 6000 on its ceiling! There is “The View Tower” which offers you a 360-degree view of an attractive view on the top of the mountain, 333 meters. This is must-seeing view!

    Japanese notation:稲佐山 
    Entrance fee : free

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