A Dog Lover’s Haven in Tokyo: Yoyogi Park!

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  • Yoyogi Park (代々木公園) is known for being “the place” for picnics, strolls, or chilling with a good book on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Its plant and tree landscape paint a very pretty picture; it also houses the Meiji-Jingu 明治神宮, one of the oldest sacred temples of worship.

    Dog Park


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    Right in the middle of the lush meadows and scenic lakes of Yoyogi Park lies a treasure trove of canine fun. A dog park! You can see doggies of all shapes and sizes chasing each other around in their respective size arenas. The big ones are the best! They’re so handsome and collected, and yet so full of life. Big dogs are dopey fun and give great warm hugs. I can be there watching them for hours on end; I yearn for a dog but possess neither the resources nor the maturity to take care of one properly and responsibly.

    Plus, dog personalities are a hoot. Some are ADHD energetic and hyper and buzz around in circles chasing everyone. Some are lazy and cute and just trot alongside their owners, tails wagging enthusiastically. Some are curious and poke their noses everywhere, most of the time in another dog’s behind (why do they do that!). Some are plain nonchalant and epitomize the coined term “unimpressed dog”. Adorable, lovable, and simply delightful!

    This is a generalization but apartments in Tokyo tend to be smaller and doggies may not have enough space to be as wild and free as they can be, bounding around and pouncing on one another. Wan-chan ワンちゃん or lil’ doggies, are making friends and having such a great time! Some people also play frisbee or catch with their dogs.

    Where better to bring a pooch on a weekend? And even if you don’t have a puppy friend but yearn for one (like myself), you could still come and watch the doggies frolic and let loose in the free open space.

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