A Taste of Japan – Green Tea Flavoured Snacks and Drinks

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  • While I’ve been living in Japan for the last three years, one of the tastes I’ve become incredibly fond of is Matcha, or green tea powder. While I do enjoy the tea itself, it’s the wide variety of other matcha flavoured foods and drinks that I really enjoy!


    My first venture into matcha flavoured foods was through the international chocolate famous in Japan for it’s many different flavours – kit kat! Green tea favoured kits kats are still one of my favourite matcha treats too! As well as the regular green tea flavour, they have green tea and sakura flavour ones, although I’ve only ever been able to find those at the airport. Kit kats aren’t the only familiar brand of chocolate you’ll find in Japan which has had a green makeover though. I’ve managed to find Aeros and Crunch bars as well.

    Liquors and Beer

    In every convenience store you’ll find lots of different things to try, green tea flavoured cakes are delicious, and why not try a green tea flavoured Belgian waffle for breakfast one day! I’m lucky to live near Uji city, famous for its green tea so there’s lots of high-quality stuff to try. If you like a drink in the evenings you can find green tea liqueurs, the one I tried was really tasty, and so easy to drink I ended having most of a bottle and getting drunk when I’d only planned on having one! If you’re more of a beer drinker then you’re in luck too! There are bars where you can try green tea flavoured beer, although that was one that didn’t impress me as much. It tasted more like beer with grass in it to me unfortunately.

    Hot Drinks

    If you’re more of a coffee drinker don’t worry – all the big name cafes such as Doutor and Starbucks have Matcha lattes on their menus! Green tea snacks and drinks are a great souvenir too, so be sure to take some back for your friends and family at home!

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