Downtown Oasis in Tokyo -Mt, Takao-

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  • Mt. Takao

    When you feel fed up with the skyscrapers in a giant metropolis Tokyo, you could get away from the hustle and bustle of a city! Mt, Takao is an great hiking place with a vast wilderness in Hachioji where is only one hour away from the center of Tokyo. Annually about 2.5 million visitors come and hike its 8 routes up to the its top, the height is 599 meters. Mt, Takao is rated three stars which is maximum rating by Michelin’s Le Guide Vert Japon which is a world famous guidebook from France for several years. You would love to visit here all the seasons because the mountain has different faces in each seasons. The cherry blossoms, covered by the snow or turned red leaves.. The most beautiful outlook is definitely in autumn.

    As I noticed, Mt, Takao is located only one hour away by train that directly connect you to Mt, Takao from Shinjuku station. It’s close and easy enough for one day trip of refreshing. The mountain isn’t too hard to hike. Averagely 90 minutes to the top. If you don’t feel to hike by foot, don’t worry. A cable car and chair lift are available from foot of the mountain.

    Besides the great nature, you can have bunch of attractions such as “Tako sugi” octopus root cedar, wild animals, water falls, murmur of a stream, bard watching and Yakuouin temple in the area of Mt, Takao. You can be a one day ascetic monk at Yakuouin temple to perform cold water ablutions by fall. You can visit a monkey park in the middle of the mountain. You can find “soba” restaurants in everywhere. Its noodles are hand-made by mister men.

    Japanese notation:高尾山

    The Takao Trick Art Museum

    You can enjoy to lose your visual preconceptions and be fooled by several wondrous illusions in The Takao Trick Art Museum in front of Takaosanguchi station, Keio line.

    Hope you will have a fantastic fun and memorable experience in great nature in downtown oasis Mt, Takao.

    Japanese notation:トリックアートミュージアム
    Phone : +81 42-667-1081