Koinobori is Japanese Pleasant Event for Children

  • On May 5th is a day for children in Japan and that season is called “Tango no Sekku” (端午の節句). Around the season, people annually celebrate for children. One of popular decoration of the event is “Koinobori”.

    koinobori 1

    Koinobori (鯉のぼり) is a big decoration of carps and that is used for your children to grow up well as a symbol of success. Koinobori looks like swimming in the sky by wind and it is very beautiful.

    Few decades ago, you could see beautiful koinobori in everywhere in Japan. Primarily, Koinobori was made by samurai families(most of them were rich) since Edo-period to grow up for their children.
    Koinobori looks like a flag and that line beautifully sway in the sky. Each size of koinobori is different. For example, the biggest koinobori is called father, next big one is mother, and another things are their children. This view is a representative of Japanese peaceful family.

    koinobori 2

    Koinobori is usually set up by each people’s house such as balcony or Rooftop. This view is similar to hanging Nation flags at the Independence Day, but this event is for mainly children and it also a familiar event for all Japanese.

    koinobori 3

    If you know koinobori, your Japanese friends must be surprise that you know one of old fashioned Japanese culture.