The Unique 3 Hot Spring Experiences in Oita Prefecture, Japan

  • OITA
  • There are many hot spring throughout Japan, which offers you a wonderful, relax time. However, in Oita prefecture, located on South of Japan(Kyushu region) and known for one of the best hot spring resort, there are a lot of hot springs that gives you special experience that maybe you do not experience other area in the world.
    There are some of these special hot springs in Oita prefecture.


    CHINOIKE JIGOKU means “the hell of blood”. In Beppu region there are eight JIGOKU(hell) and all of them are different from normal hot springs. CHINOIKE JIGOKU is known the oldest JIGOKU that has been existed from 1300 years ago. It is a hot spring but you don’t have a bath in here. The average temperature of this hot spring is about 78℃ and this contains such as iron oxide and magunesium oxide. That’s why the water of this hot spring looks red.

    Japanese notation:別府 血の池地獄


    UMI JIGOKU is another type of JIGOKU, which means “the hell of ocean”. As its name explains, the colour of the water is beautiful covert blue.(It looks cool, but in fact the temperature is almost 100℃!) The reason why the water colours such covert blue is that it contains iron sulfate. After you enjoy this beautiful scenary, you can also try “Onsen tamago”(slow-boiled egg with gooey yolk) using the steam of this hot spring.

    Japanese notation:別府 海地獄
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    RAMUNE ONSENN is a hot spring that contains much natural carbon dioxide. So after a few minutes you soaked in here, you can feel this fizzy water like the picture above. The average temperature is not so high, or perhaps you feel it’s not warm enough. But guradually you become warm as toast thanks to this effect. After having a bath, your skin become completely smooth and soft (good information for girls!).

    Japanese notation:ラムネ温泉館
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    It’s a different way of enjoying hot springs again! This is very tradittional way of cooking, only found in this area. This is called JIGOKUMUSHI. Emmitted gas from hot springs is used for steaming foodstuffs. You can steam whatever you like, and it changes the luxurious meal.

    Japanese notation:地獄蒸し工房 鉄輪