4 Ways to Enjoy Japanese Apricots

  • HOW TO
  • Many Japanese food were improved by wisdom from daily life from person to person through many years.
    It was necessary to use natural food from limited resources because of land form reasons.
    For example, Japanese apricot has been used for many ways as a preservative food. By now, Japanese apricot is one of useful healthy food for living daily life.

    Umeboshi(pickled plum)

    UME-BOSHI (pickled plum) is well known as healthy food since Nara period. The taste sour makes your blood clean because it contains a lot of citric acid that make your circulation of body smoothly and reduce stress.
    Umeboshi is a good combination with rice.

    Ume sweets

    If you love sour taste, you will be into Ume Sweets!


    Among Japanese apricot drinks, UMESHU (梅酒) is the best fruity alcohol.
    Japanese plum has a good taste of seasonal fruits and gentle smell.
    It is made of fresh blue Japanese apricots and distilled liquor such as brandy or shochu (焼酎).

    HANAMI(Flower viewing)

    The best season of viewing Japanese apricot in Tokyo is during February to March. You can see the beautiful Japanese apricot trees many places in Japan.
    You can check the best place for HANAMI in Japan