Okurayama Park Sakura Viewing 2015

  • Do you know the fragrance of plum?
    Sweet and sour, it is so nice aroma.
    And the color is red, pink, white and pale green …

    Okurayama Park

    This weekend will be held plum blossom viewing festival in Okurayama park.
    While listening to Japanese harp playing, why do not drink green tea?

    Date: Saturday, February 28, 2015 – Sunday, March 1 10:00 to 16:00
    Okurayama park (Tokyu Toyoko Line “Okurayama Station” get off walk 7-9 minutes)
    2-10 Okurayama Kohoku-ku Yokohama


    Stage of Saturday, February 28
    10:30 to 11:00 Futoo-Okurayama-Osone nursery (dance song)
    11:10 to 11:25 Kosae-kai (dance)
    11:35 to 11:50 Osone elementary school (Soran Bushi dance)
    12:00 to 12:15 Osone dream drum Dodonko (Japanese drum)
    12:25 to 12:40 Osone elementary school (Soran Bushi dance)
    12:50 to 13:05 Kikuna children Hayashi (lion dance)
    13:15 to 13:30 wind pools (Japanese drum)
    13:40 to 13:55 Tokashiki-ryu Akebono-no-kai (Ryukyu dance)
    14:05 to 15:05 Shiwakai-Chikuin Study Group (Japanese harp/Bamboo flute -three songs ensemble)

    Stage of Sunday, March 1
    11:00 – Kouhoku Sankyoku Group (playing Japanese harp & Bamboo flute)
    12:00 – Kohoku entertainment Group (Japanese dance)
    13:00 – Kouhoku Sankyoku Group (playing Japanese harp & Bamboo flute)
    14:00 – Kohoku entertainment Group (Japanese dance)
    15:00 – Kouhoku Sankyoku Group (playing Japanese harp & Bamboo flute)

    Okurayama plum 1

    Habit of appreciate the plum has started since Nara era, favored by royalty and nobility.
    It has listed 118 songs of plums in the 1,400 years old anthology “Manyoshu”.
    It is more than three times of cherry’s songs, you can imagin the popularity of plum from old time.

    Get off the Tokyu Toyoko Line Okurayama station, turn to the right and climb the hill along the Toyoko-line.
    You will see the the park when you go down a little by walking through the side of the Greek temple style white architecture of Okurayama Memorial hall.

    Okurayama plum 3

    This park was started by Tokyu Corporation in 1931 .
    Then it is sold to Yokohama-city for the re-development, has been opening of the park as part of Okurayama park in 1989.

    Currently, 32 types, has planted about 200 pieces of plum. The most number of plum is “white Kaga (Shirakaga)”. Unusual Chinese legacy greenish flowers are “Green calyx pulm (Ryokugaku bai)”.
    Remain in the bloom of both white and pink flowers are “as one pleases (omoinomama)”.
    Around June is the harvest time of plum fruit. Kohoku tourism association to collect the fruit by requesting to horticulture farmers.
    I recommend you Okurayama plum wine ” plum fragrance (UmenoMori )” . It have been selling at the time of the Plum blossom viewing festival.