Kyushu is not very famous. However, we highly recommend visiting to there!!

  • Have you been to the island of Kyushu(九州)?
    It is the 3rd largest island after the main island and Hokkaido. Many tourists go to Tokyo and Kyoto or around those cities. Kyushu is not very famous for overseas people as a tourist destination. However, I highly recommend visiting to Kyushu strongly when you come to Japan. Recently, each local government and local comapnies in Kyushu have put great emphasis on tourism. Kyushu is good because it is not as busy as some of the major cities in Japan such as Tokyo and Osaka.

    Despite not being as famous as Kyoto and the sixties just mentioned, it has a similar number of traditional buildings and traditional Japanese architecture. Kyushu is home of the most famous city in Japan for hot springs as well. If you like them, then you must visit this part of Japan, you really must.
    Kyushu means “nine prefectures” Today, I am going to draw your attention to some unmissable destinations within Kyushu. To be honest, there are so many of these such sixties that I will start with just a few… I will be sure to expand in the near future!

    Takachiho Gorge in Miyazaki prefecture

    It’s an amazingly beautiful gorge. You can take a little boat down the river and you can get really close to the water fall! This is fantastic in both the summer and the winter. The colour of the water is something specia. The emerald green will take your breAth away. Spectacular! And worth a special journey for sure.

    2,000 yen per boat trip for 30 minutes
    300 yen per every ten minutes in addition.
    3 people per boat

    Beppu-Onsen in Oita prefecture

    Beppu City is the largest and most famous area in Japan for hot springs. This area is close to Beppu Station so you can access It easily. One of the old Onsens in Beppu is Takegawara Onsen, which you can see in the above picture.The main bath is small but you can enjoy a wonderful atmosphere, steeped in tradition and history.You can also take a sand bath there, which is added bonus.

    Takegawara Onsen
    Onsen 100 yen per person
    Sand bath 1000 yen per person

    Yatai in Fukuoka

    “Yatai” is the name given to specific food stalls,which pop up each evening beside a river in Hakata city inFukuoka prefecture. Each Yatai has just A few seats, which are situated around a small kitchen. You can therefore see exactly how they lovingly prepare your food and enjoy interesting conversations with the amiable proprietor/chef and other customers. This intimate experience is not to be missed.

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