Step Out of Busy Tokyo Life and Into an Edo Style Onsen Oasis

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  • Tokyo is an amazing city but it can be rather hectic and if all the rushing around and the stresses of modern Tokyo life are getting you down, there’s a great way to step back in time and relax! If you take a ride on the monorail out to Odaiba, you can spend a day or even a whole night recharging your batteries at Oedo Onsen Monogatari, an onsen park conveniently placed in Tokyo city.

    The first step when you arrive is to put your shoes in one of the lockers by the door before you check in and receive your locker key, which is also used to pay for everything once you’re inside, so you don’t need to carry any cash around. Then choose which style of yukata you prefer and get changed.

    Once you’re inside it’s like traveling back in time as it looks like you’re roaming around an old Edo street with old-fashioned shops and festivities. The illusion is supported by the fact that everyone is wearing a yukata so there are no modern clothes in sight!

    The onsen themselves are, as usual, separated into male and female areas, although the outside footbaths are open to everyone. Both sides feature indoor and outdoor pools, as well as saunas and massage services which are wonderfully relaxing, even more so if you get to use them when it’s quieter. A good chance to do this is if you stay overnight.

    There are hotel rooms available but if you’re on a budget there are relaxation rooms with futons and reclining chairs you can sleep on. The games and shops are open until around 11 pm or 12 am and the bars keep serving until 2 or 3 am depending on the day of the week, so it’s a great way to spend a night!


    Getting there is really easy too, it’s about a 2-minute walk from Tokyo Teleport station on the monorail.


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