• Do you like sweets? You can enjoy many sweets in Sweets Paradise in Shinjuku.
    There is cake, pasta, curry and rice and drinks etc. this restaurant has a buffet style menu.

    Please buy a ticket first. you can buy tickets in the ticket machine.
    you have three different price ranges:Adult 1530 yen and Children 860yen (12 years old and under) and 3 years old and under is free. time limit is 70minuts
    There are many kind of cake. It is over 25 cakes. you can choose your favorite cake. there is also season’s cake. some people like to season cake. you can check website about new cake and season cake.

    some cake is Japanese taste and better taste so If you do not like too much sweets, please choose better taste.
    you can also try to Japanese taste sweets here.

    There are many kind of Pasta. It is about 10 pastas.
    If you do not need cake much, you can enjoy for Pasta. some people eat past for lunch time. if you dislike sweets, you can choose pasta. Of course you can choose cake and pasta.

    You can also choose drinks.juice, iced tea, iced coffee and hot coffee and hot tea etc.
    Please return plates and cups and forks and spoon after finished to eat.

    You can hold a Birthday Party in Sweets Paradise.
    Please make a reservation before the birthday party when there are more then 4 people.
    You can make nice Birthday Party for your family or friend.

    Of course many girls and woman like to eat sweets and go to Sweets Paradise but recently, boys and man also go to sweets paradise.
    You can enjoy sweets and pasta with your family or friends or both.you can also go alone.
    If you can go to Sweets Paradise weekdays, It is good because weekends is more crowded at lunch time or dinner.


    If you can go to Sweets Paradise in Shinjuku by train, please get off Shinjuku east exit.
    After that, you can go up stairs and go outside. there is open space in front of station and Koban.
    Right side you can see Yodobashikamera Maruchimedia Shinjuku east exit.
    Sweets Paradise is next to this building.
    Adress is Shinjuku FF building F1 3-26-6 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo.

    Access:Shibuya shop
    Access:Shinjuku shop

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