We show hidden menu about Gyudon which is tasty and not expensive food.

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  • In Japan, there are many kind of foods. So it is hard to complete to eat all foods in Japan.
    For example, Sushi, Okonomiyaki, Udon etc. So sometime Japanese food make you confusing what kind of restaurant should I go. And there are many cheap shops related with those food.

    In those foods, this time I would like to introduce a cheaping menu in “Gyudon” restaurant.
    All most of Japanese people have been well known Gydon.
    It is too much to say soul food for Japanese worker and younger. “Guy-Don” has come into being Meiji Era by Eikichi Matsuda. Gyudon comes from “Gyu-nabe”. one day someone Gyu-nabe put on rice and taste is really good. Soon this way was popular and that would be “Guy-don”
    Because really cheap and taste is good. Normal Gyudon Price is about 300 yen(= 2euro, 2 dollar)
    Cooking speed is really fast, So we can eating soon since ordering.


    The best thing of all are sub menu and hidden menu is really good to be more delicious food I guess.
    About sub menu, that is Red pickled Ginger ,in Japan so called “Beni-shoga”.
    If you got addicted to eating that, you would try to more and more.

    This one always put on the table.
    so that can do free charge every time. and that taste is differences by per restaurants.
    Almost of all restaurant tastes is a little bit sour and salty. But that is really suitable for Gyudon.
    That is “kick” of taste.


    About Hidden menu, that is “Tsuyu-daku”
    An author didn’t know that information Until going to Gyudon store with his friends.
    The taste is a little bit like Sukiyaki taste.
    “Tsuyu-daku” is to put rice into a soup than normal, which was used when beaf soaking, more and more.
    And without ordering “Tsuyu-daku”, you feel this isn’t good buy!

    When you visit Japan,
    Let’s try to “Beni-shoga” and “Tsuyu-daku”