Hukulou Coffee Owl Cafe: Can a Cat and an Owl be Friends?

  • At Hukulou Coffee, located in Nakazaki-cho, Osaka, there is a little owl named Fuku (who is named after the Japanese word for owl which is “fukurou”) and a kitten named Marimo. Usually cats and birds don’t get along but these two make the most adorable pair. They actually look a bit similar too! They are both brown and white and (currently) the same size.

    Hukulou Coffee is a great place for people to bring their own owls or to buy owl related merchandise or eat owl related sweets along with seeing the adorable pair that live at the cafe. Not only is Hukulou Coffee the home of Fuku and Marimo, these two are joined by various other owls that also live in the cafe. Owl Cafes are becoming more and more popular here in Japan and the adorable friendship between the owl and the kitten is grasping the public’s attention.

    The owl shaped biscuits are very adorable and there are kitten versions of them too!

    On the menu

    They also serve various types of cakes and pancakes and ice cream.

    I have got to say, that every single item on the menu looks absolutely mouth-watering.

    Fuku and Marimo

    These two fluffy friends have become internet sensations through their adorable photos and their highly trending videos as a pair. Nobody has ever seen such a rare pair of animals. Fuku is a very small 5-year-old Little Owl and Marimo is a 2-month-old Scottish Fold kitten.

    Although Hukulou Cafe has other birds of prey, Fuku found a companion in Marimo instead of the other birds. The two mini sized friends cuddle up and nap together and it is the most adorable sight you may ever see.
    They even sleep cuddled up together as these pictures show, with the kitten growing faster than his owl friend.

    Fuku is five years old already so he probably won’t be growing in physical size too much but Marimo is sure to grow into a full sized Scottish Fold very soon. I wonder if their friendship will continue on even with Marimo becoming a lot bigger than Fuku?

    Here are the Directions to getting to Hukulou Coffee and seeing this adorable pair.

    Hukulou Coffee

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