5 Mobile Apps to Enhance your Stay in Japan!

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  • If you are a foreigner in Japan who recently arrived in the land of the rising sun, there are a lot of challenges you might encounter especially if you are not familiar yet with the language.

    To help you survive, here are the top 5 mobile applications you can use.

    1. Google Translate

    This application can translate what you want to say into different languages, not only by words you input but also by scanning pictures with hard to read sentences as well. You might not always bring your Japanese-English dictionary but your cellular phone come in handy, this application can help you in an instant especially if you want to need to get an answer immediately.

    2. Hyperdia

    With more than 10 train lines, this application helps you to roam around Japan easily just by having you input your departing and destination station names. It also shows travel time, lists of stations from a particular line, ticket prices and the train schedule.

    3. Currency Converter Plus

    What makes this app special is that it has “bill conversion” which makes life easier for friends who want to split bills. The keypad is big, designed for easy usage and has 191 currencies to choose from.

    4. Yurekuru

    An earthquake warning device that will alarm and notify you few minutes before an earthquake arrives. It includes intensity number, epicenter, time when it started and earthquake intensity in other places affected.

    5. Happy Learn Japanese Kana

    Isn’t it amazing to learn the Japanese alphabet? With this app, you can learn hiragana and katakana with and without voice. It also includes tests with a time limit which you can control.

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