Such a beautiful waterfalls in Japan.

  • You might not have an image of Japanese waterfalls in your mind. However we have many beautiful waterfalls all over Japan. Today, I’m pick out some of waterfalls which I recommended visiting. Many Japanese people say we can bask in “Mainasu ion” which means negative ions. In Japan we think these negative ions are great for relaxation. So why not begin your journey of relaxation and visit some of the best and most beautiful waterfalls Japan has to offer.

    Kegonnotaki in Tochigi

    The water comes from a lake named Chuzenji which is located directly behind and above the waterfall. The waterfall was chosen as one of the best three waterfalls in Japan. There is an elevator to get close to the waterfall, it costs 550 yen per person, however I do think it is worth paying the money because you will see an overwhelmingly beautiful view from the bottom of the waterfall. There is also a cable car to get to a hill just across from the waterfall so you can see a great view which will give you a great view of the lake and waterfall together.

    550 yen per adult
    330 yen per child

    :710 yen per adult
    :360 yen per child

    Nachinotaki in Wakayama

    This is one of the best-known waterfalls in Japan. It is the tallest waterfall with a drop of 133 meters. You can walk down to the bottom of the waterfall along a stone path and through a shrine gate, from here you will see and feel a spiritual atmosphere. Furthermore, it’s quiet despite the strength of the water crushing down the waterfall.

    Nabegataki in Kumamoto

    When you get off the bus or out of your car you won’t be able to see a thing. But after climbing down a flight of steep steps in the forest for a little while, you will suddenly be amazed by the view in front of your eyes, and once you get in behind the waterfall, you will be lost for words.