Four Great Japanese Instant Soups to Warm Your Belly!

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  • Soup is good; both healthy, and delicious.

    But, let’s face it, making soup can be a pain. Lots of ingredients, a ton of water, and the required boiling until your gas bill exceeds your remaining savings balance…

    お雑煮 miso soup with rice cakes and vegetables

    Despite your best intentions, Japanese refrigerators and freezers just aren’t built to handle an excess of pre-cooked meals. When you need a quick hit of warm sustenance, Fujicco soups have your back. You can pick them up at many local supermarkets, and I have yet to find an Aeon store (mall or Max Valu) without them.

    Fujicco is a well-known supplement and health food maker, with products ranging from kale juice to do it yourself yogurt. But the soups are where it’s at.

    These soups are fairly inexpensive, about 200 Yen a piece, and are hands down delicious. They are easy to heat, including a special tab to protect you from steam burns. When packing a lunch for work, or appeasing hungry children, consider giving them a try.

    Here are 4 of the current Fujicco offerings, all branded under the “Asa No Taberu Soup” – (Morning Soup). Let’s hope they add more to their arsenal in the future..

    1. Potato Chowder – 142 Kcal
    This soup is creamy, and goes well with simple foods such as sandwiches or baguettes.

    2. Minestrone Soup – 123 Kcal
    This soup is a light, tomato-based soup with various beans and vegetables. It goes great with a pasta side dish or simple salad.

    3. Squash (Japanese Pumpkin) Chowder – 152 Kcal
    This soup is made with sweet squash, beans, and various vegetables. Great on a cold day or when you are feeling homesick for homestyle cooking. It makes a great pair with pork chops or grilled chicken.

    4. Corn Chowder – 171 Kcal
    This soup is made with sweet corn, chickpeas, and vegetables. It is creamy and filling. It goes well with bread.


    Place the soup package into a microwave. Cook for 3 minutes on 500-watt heat. Open and pour into a bowl. Eat with a spoon. Savour the flavour.

    Extra Additions

    You can always jazz these up by adding a few extra veggies or spices to your taste. Tabasco and powdered parmesan cheese works well for the minestrone, croutons and a little cream or milk go great with the chowder. Put your own spin on them, and wow your taste buds.

    Happy souping!


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