2 of the Most Kawaii Japanese Animals!

  • Japan is the international home for all things kawaii! Kawaii roughly translates to ‘cute’ in English, but kawaii is getting known worldwide.

    You might wonder what makes Japan so kawaii, many people think it’s the fashion, the characters in anime or even the food. One very natural aspect of Japan’s kawaii is its animals. Here are two of the cutest!

    Ezo Momonga

    The Ezo Momonga is also known as the Siberian flying squirrel. This cute little creature can only be found in Hokkaido. This is because thousands of years ago the island of Hokkaido was connected by land to the Siberian mainland. When the sea levels rose Hokkaido was cut off, leaving behind an interesting selection of animals. Being a flying squirrel this means that the kawaii Ezo Momonga can spread out the membrane between its front and rear legs to ‘fly’. While it is more like gliding these squirrels have managed an impressive glide ratio of over one hundred metres! These little guys usually live and nest in the holes left by woodpeckers or other occurring holes. They are mostly nocturnal, meaning they usually only come out at night. That means if you want to spot one you might have to do so in low light.

    Akita Inu

    This cutie will probably look quite familiar. This is the Akita, a breed of dog originally from northern Japan. These dogs have a noble past as they were often charged with protection of the royal family in feudal Japan. The Akita were also used to help hunt by tracking other animals. With their fluffy look and cute face you can see why the Akita were kept. But not only are they cute on the outside, they have cute personalities too. The Akita is said to be courageous and fearless and also loyal. They are so loyal that in older times an Akita was left to guard and look after the children of Japanese families. The Akita are also intelligent so they like to be kept entertained, but don’t bark too much either. In fact, the Akita Inu is considered to be good luck in Japan. Super kawaii!

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