Rent a Modern Kimono in Harajuku, Tokyo!

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  • Kimono are a very traditional aspect of Japanese culture and fashion. A woman wearing a kimono is an elegant and iconic image. Surprisingly, not so many people wear kimono for everyday wear anymore. Kimono are much more often worn for special occasions, such as New Year celebrations or for a wedding. If you are visiting Japan, you might want the experience of trying on a kimono and wearing one in public. This can be a really exciting experience. If you are interested in wearing a modern kimono, a new shop has just opened in Harajuku!

    Tokyo Kawaii Musee


    This shop has only very recently opened, on the 11th of September 2015. Tokyo Kawaii Musee has opened in the street fashion capital of Tokyo; Harajuku. Harajuku is known for it’s cutting-edge street fashion, and especially for being kawaii. Many tourists visit Harajuku to get a look at the lolita, decora or cosplay subculture. Now you can visit it to experience wearing kimono while taking in all the sights. The shop was opened by Yumi Yamamoto, a well know kimono designer within the Japanese fashion industry. Yamamoto says that the kimono they stock here are different from traditional ones. Their designs are more “cute” with patterns such as flowers or fruits. This shop is targeting foreign visitors who want to wear kimono.


    They even have Hijab style kimono for Muslim women to wear comfortably. Here you can choose from 20 different patterns of either summer or winter kimono.



    Tokyo Kawaii Musee will help you dress up and then you can walk around the area for two hours in kimono. The cost is, currently, ¥7,000. You can even wear Zori with Tabi socks for an extra ¥300. If you want to have this experience simply book it on their website. You can pick the day and time of when you want to rent kimono. There are four time slots to choose from. Once dressed simply go out and experience Harajuku and Meiji Jingu wearing a very fashionable cute kimono. Their website is available in Japanese, Chinese and English, as is the booking form.

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