The Best Shopping Area in Yokohama

  • The second biggest city, Yokohama is one of popular city for sightseeing where is next to Tokyo. Yokohama is close to Tokyo and it takes only 30 min from Shibuya in Tokyo. Recently, around Yokohama port area has been developing as a modern city. Also, the city has unique side as an international port city.


    Yokohama Minato Mirai (MM21) is the biggest business district close by Yokohama port.
    The high building Yokohama Landmark Tower height 296m (70 Floors) as a symbol of MM1, there are shops, hotel, and office in the building, and over 2,800 people have visited there every year.
    The city design about Yokohama is beautifully considered functionally such as barrier free and moving walkway. Visitors can feel comfortably enjoying beautiful view of the sea port by a long moving walkway.

    In MM21 area, you can feel fresh air more spacious while shopping and hanging around. In the area, you can take “one coin bus(one-way/100 yen)” is very convenient. Recently, many foreign fashion brands has opened in MM21 area such as H&M and TOPSHOP. So, you can easily enjoy shopping in MM21 with less people than Tokyo.

    Japanese notation:横浜みなとみらい, 桜木町

    Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

    a historical building and it has been used as a business facility and shopping mall.

    Japanese notation:横浜赤レンガ倉庫

    Queen’s Square YOKOHAMA

    This is next to Yokohama Landmark Tower.
    You can take Minato Mirai Line or JR Line, the accessibility to Tokyo is very convenience. The long escalator through to the subway Minatomirai line in wellhole style is very spacious.

    Japanese notation:クイーンズスクエア横浜

    The main building YOKOHAMA Landmark Tower

    This is the symbol of MM21. The hallway in the building connects to Queen’s square in underground. Visitors can enjoy shopping even rainy days.
    Enjoy shopping in MM21 but don’t forget to bring your camera!

    Japanese notation:横浜ランドマークタワー


    At Yokohama port

    Japanese notation:横浜港

    Yokohama cosmo world theme park

    Here is well know as a good place for dating among young people.

    Japanese notation:横浜コスモワールド

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