Top 10 Hot Spots to Quench Your Thirst in Tokyo

  • Since Tokyo won the bid to hold the 2020 Olympic games, tourism initiatives have begun. The aim is to make Tokyo more accessible to foreign visitors and to give people a warm welcome. Train lines are being updated and new bi-lingual tourism guides are popping up at train stations around Tokyo. One experience in Tokyo that has been recently looked into are places to drink. If you want to have a good time, then going to sample good honest Japanese food and drink is definitely a good place to start. Recently a survey was taken to show the top ten drinking establishments in Tokyo. The questions were directed at Tokyo locals, so these are truly the best places to enjoy a drink!

    Top Ten

    1) Shinjuku Golden Gai (217 points)
    2) Tsukishima Monja Street (146 points)
    3) Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho (143 points)
    4) Underground tracks between Shinbashi and Yurakucho Stations (135 points)
    5) Asakusa Hoppi Dori (121 points)
    6) Shibuya Nonbei Yokocho (69 points)
    7) Draw between Ningyocho Amazake Yokocho and Kichijoji Harmonica Yokocho (55 points each)
    9) Ebisu Yokocho (49 points)
    10) Beneath Koenji Station (48 points)

    Some Standouts

    Shinjuku Golden Gai

    First place went to Shinjuku Golden Gai. The Shinjuku Golden Gai are a collection of narrow alleyways on the east side of Shinjuku station. The bars here are really tiny, usually only holding a few people at any one time. Do not expect glamorous bars or a traditional pub, these places are where the ordinary people of Tokyo go for a drink after work. Expect a unique atmosphere and an “air on the Showa era”.

    Tsukishima Monjayaki

    Coming in at second place is Tsukishima Monja Street. This area is famous for their monjayaki. Monjayaki is a fried cabbage pancake with your toppings of choice. It is all cooked on a hot plate, usually at your table! Monja Street has a whole alley full of monjayaki restaurants, so there are a lot of choices here!

    Underground Tracks

    Fourth place was given to the underground tracks between Shimbashi and Yurakucho Stations. This area has been coined as the “holy ground” of the Japanese salaryman. Often after a long, long day at the office the salaryman will go to a small bar to relax and chat with friends and strangers. Go here to see a snippet of everyday Japanese life!

    Why not try one of these out of the way places next time you get thirsty in Tokyo?

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