3 Delicious Sweets for The Doll’s Festival on March 3rd.

  • On March 3rd in Japan, people celebrate the Girls’ Festival, “HINAMATSURI”.
    (雛祭り) At the day, people celebrate for girls’ growth such as displaying beautiful dolls in ancient costumes of Heian era with peach flowers in each house and eating cubic rice crackers(Hina-arare). There are some popular sweets for this festival.
    Hinamatsuri 1

    The custom of doll’s festival is primarily come from ancient Chinese such as eating a rice-flour cake flavored with mugwort and drinking alcohol to protect yourself from harm and malicious spirits.


    Hinamatsuri 2

    HISHI-MOCHI is sticky rice for the festival that looks diamond shape by three auspicious colors (pink, white and green). Usually, you can buy Hishimochi only this season.


    Hinamatsuri 3

    SAKURA-MOCHI 桜餅 is made of sticky rice that is covered by salt preserved leaf of cherry blossom. The chewy texture in sweet and subtle salty is very delicious! The smells of cherry blossom is also elegant. 


    HINA-ARARE (cubic rice crackers) 雛あられ The crunchy texture is tasty and it would make you addicted! The colorful looks raise the pleasant atmosphere of the event.


    In Japan, the doll’s festival is a rare event that you can have a party at home with your friends. If you live in Japan, this is a good chance to invite Japanese friends with the casual event.

    Japanese have a custom to celebrate for girls growth. For example, in nursery school or primary school, they have a party only the day.
    For adults, they do not celebrate the event so much, but if you have children, you would decorate the dolls or peach flower in your house.
    The doll’s festival is an annual event for all Japanese, but that is not mean all Japanese have the traditional dolls in each house.

    The good point of this event is you can feel traditional Japanese custom with seasonal foods in the spring. Japanese people would prefer to devise by season and set up events in every season.
    Enjoy the coming event with delicious sweets!