What a Cheap and Yummy Japanese Snack!

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  • Many Japanese people grow up eating Dagashi.
    Dagashi (駄菓子) is unlike Wagashi, Let me explain why. Wagashi is very formal sweets which often accompanies afternoon tea. On the other hand, Dagashi is usually eaten by children and is seen as a casual snack. Therefor they are extremely cheap, usually between 10 and 50 yen. Why not try Dagashi !!! Im going to pick out some of the best Dagashi for you.

    Umaibou / 10 yen

    The most popular Dagashi in Japan is Umaibou. It has many varieties of flavors. My favourites are corn potage soup and seasoned cod roe flavor. They are amazing ! I wish I could eat them all day long!

    Kabayakisantarou / 10 yen

    This is a minced fish paste sheet with a salty sweet taste. On the package it has a picture of an eel but, actually, it doesn’t contain eels. Nonetheless, it is so tasty! In fact, there are a few people who chose to eat this Dagashi as a side dish for a meal.

    Kinakobou / 30yen

    Have you ever eaten Kinako which is a soybean flour? This is a kind of soft candy, but not so soft, it is a little bit tougher than normal soft candies. The taste is mild and it is quite a bit healthier than chocolate snacks!

    Tirol-choco / 10 yen – 30yen

    This is one of the cheapest chocolate Dagashis. Why are they so cheap? In 1962, when the chocolates were first sold in Japan, they were very expensive. Thus, the president of the company made small chocolates so that children could buy them with their tiny pocket money.
    Additionally, the company started a very interesting service call “Deco Choco” recently, whereby you can make your own chocolate packages with any picture or illustration of your chosing. All you need is an app to use the service.

    Detail about Deco choco

    Dagashi shop

    You can buy Dagashi pretty much anywhere in Japan. In places like supermarkets and convenience stores. However, I highly recommend visiting a specialised Dagashi shop if you can because Dagashi shops always have lots of retro flavors and they have a much larger selection than the supermarkets and the convenience stores.